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AF Tracker

Released: 2011-01-28
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category: Healthcare and Fitness
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the pt (physical training) standards for us air force changed! they began to institute the most rigorous fitness standards in over a decade. one of the main tools in af tracker is a pt calculator that will help you assess where you stand according to the rigorous standards the air force has set in place.  the user interface is easy to use and you will love how easy it is to see what your current score is after each time you do pt. this is good whether you are active duty, reserve, guard or even just someone thinking about joining.  in the future, af tracker will also provide you with many things that will be very helpful to your career.  for instance, we will have a waps calculator to help you figure out test dates for your next rank and many more features coming soon in the next update.  this app is free, and we hope every service member in the united states air force will utilize it to its best ability.  don't take any chances with the new pt test â your career depends on it. be fit to fight and know where you stand! do not waste your time with time consuming and difficult to find charts? you deserve a better and faster way to know your pt test score, download af tracker today!*not an official usaf app


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