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Animal World Adventures Γ’€“ Feed animals in their habitat HD

Released: 2011-08-26
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category: Education
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help save the planet - travel to the far corners of the world and feed the amazing animals of our planet!the best target practice shooting game on the app-store. so easy to use and so much fun!travel the world to find enchanting animals where they live. feed them in an amazing and fun sniper challenge game. slide your finger up/left/right on the screen to send food for the waiting animals. feed as many as you can to win highest score. parents note:animal world adventures is an amazing way to acquaint your children with a large collection of animals from all around the world. the fun feeding activities allow your children to improve fine motor skills daily as they practice their sniper and aiming skills!touch each animal to hear its unique sound and learn its name. animal worldΓ’€™s amazing habitats:* farm Γ’€“ cheerful farm animals are waiting for you on the farm* house Γ’€“ play with your beloved pets at the comfort of your home.* sea Γ’€“ travel to the shore and find happy sea animals waiting for you there.* wild Γ’€“ on the far planes wild animals roam * forest Γ’€“ go deep in to the forest and far far away, meet the happy animals that dwell there. * under water Γ’€“ dive in to the ocean to encounter and interact with deep sea creatorsnew animals will appear as you pass the levelsnote: farm world is completely free. all other animal world adventure games are available through easy to use in-app purchases inside the app. full version including all animal world adventure games is also available with a special discount inside the app.


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