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Car Trivia Quiz Lite

Released: 2011-01-28
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category: Games
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inally a trivia quiz for cars with cool pictures as well as realistic sound! ---------------------------------------------- this is the free version! fully playable, and includes the new rev bar feature, where you select between an sti, 911 turbo and enzo, put your phone on full volume and enjoy the sound! while this is happening, watch the tachometer go into the red! for the car enthusiast of all ages to someone just wanting to find out abit more about cars. can you tell the difference between a viper and a callaway corvette? too easy? then how about an audi rs4 versus it's sibling the rs6? listen to these awesome engine melodies! they're from the real thing! a porsche 911 turbo flat 6 twin turbo being revved to it's redline versus a subaru impreza sti's flat four metalic burble. can you tell which one is which?? who is the manufacturer of the legendary gtr (a.k.a godzila) with its attesa 4wd system and twin turbo v6 beast? did you know that it managed to lap the nurburing quicker than the 911 turbo? did you know that the vauxhaul monaro is actually an australian car built in melbourne? these and a lot more questions will keep you entertained for weeks, and when you manage to work out all the answers, visit the app store and download the update with new questions! new questions are added to the database weekly! features -------- -no need for an internet connection as the app has it's own database - cool car pictures and engine melodies of all vehicles from over the world including : toyota,gm,dodge,honda,mitsubishi,subaru,mazda,audi,bmw,mercedes,alfa romeo,ferrari,lancia,vauxhaul,mg,holden,ford - text questions with facts and figures - three levels of play - players can choose the number of questions in the quiz - end result displayed as a percentage to keep you guessing - new questions added on a weekly basis - ignition start push button with rev and accelarate sound (awd subaru impreza wrx launch) - a full screen cool car image is shown after each question randomly from our database. - 'rookie' level will appeal to younger players or people with limited car knowledge - 'intermediate' level suitable for everyone with a decent car know-how - 'petrol head' level suitable for people who 'sleep eat and breathe' cars. technical knowledge down to engine codes and an eye for detail required! if you manage 100% on this lever you are an absolute legend! - players have the ability to send us their new questions via email and after they are reviewed they get included in a future update!


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