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Released: 2011-08-12
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category: Medical
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download for free until august 31st. your review would be appreciated!curbside is designed to simplify life for the healthcare professional. as a physician or other healthcare professional, calls for professional advice from patients, friends and family are inevitable. curbside makes it convenient for you to record and organize these "visits", thereby improving care while at the same time satisfying your obligation to maintain a record of these encounters.why type cryptic codes into a generic note-taking app when you could create your own, easily referenced, database of patients, visits, prescriptions and more?we appreciate your feedback and will do our best to respond quickly to each inquiry. thank you for using curbside.features===========================================- quickly log a patient encounter with details like chief complaint, history of present illness, physical exam, plan and more.- track important patient info like allergies and current medications.- assign pharmacies to your patients.- add to, remove from, and edit your patient database.- reference encounters by patient or by date.- export your logs as a group or one-by-one via email.- import patient information from your apple contacts.- autodial your patient's pharmacy.- choose from several different visual themes.- more to come!


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