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Elephant's Bath

Released: 2011-12-09
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category: Books
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filin banyosu / elephant’s bath is an interactive book for children aged 1-10 years. it is the story of a young girl, zara and an elephant. one day, zara was at home when she heard a dripping sound. where was it coming from? is there an elephant in the bath?let your child play! pop the bubbles, kick the ball, use different equipments to fix the bath, help the elephant... mistery, a hidden object in every page. didn’t like zara’s hair? change it... you can even move the sun.features:* lots of animations and interactive toys to play with.* interactive elements include, but are not limited to, ball, toy, drums, leaves, birds, balloons, butterflies, toolbox itemsâ€Â¦* physics apply to items, pencils, leaves, ducksâ€Â¦* accompanied with melodic music and various sound effects* hidden butterfly on each page* “read to me” reads the story to you/* “auto turn pages” reads the story and automatically flip the pageselephant’s bath is written by alasdair turner for her daughter zara, as a bedtime story. it is created as a souvenir for zara from his father. illustrated by oip, mother of two. and programmed by deniz a.s cetin. special thanks to melih Ă…žendil and oliver collyer, the narrators in turkish and english, for their delightful reading.we hope you like it! follow us on facebook : us:


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