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English Idioms Illustrated

Released: 2011-02-11
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category: Education
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what is the meaning behind english idioms, and where do they come from?join professor potts to discover the secret history of more than 160 beautifully illustrated english idioms, from "achillesâ heel" to "wrong side of bed".â what is an idiom? â an idiom is an expression or term that is unique to a language, whose meaning can not be understood by reading the words. the origins of these unusual phrases are astonishing, poetic, bizarre and sometime mysterious.â who is this app for? â english idioms illustrated will be enjoyed by english students, teachers and enthusiasts alike. the origin and meaning of each idiom is masterfully illustrated by professor potts. download the app now to see for yourself!â what idioms are included? â achillesâ heel acid test an axe to grind apple of oneâs eye at the drop of a hatat loggerheads at sixes and sevens barking up the wrong treebated breath beat about the bushbeeâs kneesberserkbeyond the palebite the bullet bitter end black dogblockbusterblue chipblue ribbon/ribandblue stockingbobâs your unclebone upbootleggerbrand newbring home the baconbuild castles in spainbury the hatchetby a long chalkby and largeby the skin of oneâs teethchauvinismchestnutchock a blockclaptrapclose but no cigarcloud cuckoo landcock-a-hoop cold shouldercool as a cucumbercross the rubiconcurateâs eggcurry favourcut and driedcut the mustarddark horsedifferent kettle of fishdog daysdoldrumsdonkeyâs yearsdoolallydraconian dressed to the ninesears are burning eating humble piefeather in oneâs capfeet of clayfield dayfifth columnfine fettlefirst rate fit as a fiddleflash in the panfly off the handleforlorn hope gerrymanderget down to brass tacksgibberishgild the lilygoody two shoesgordon bennettgrapevine gravy train gringogroggy guinea pig gung-hohalcyon dayshanky-pankyhappy as larryhaywireheebie-jeebieshiggledy-piggledyhobsonâs choicehunky-doryin a nutshellin the limelightin the offing ivory towerjump on the bandwagonknuckle down kowtow lame duck led up the garden pathlick into shapelily-liveredlionâs share loose cannonlucky breakmad as a hattermaverickmoment of truthmoot pointmumbo jumbono holds barrednose to the grindstone on cloud nineon tenterhooksonce in a blue moonover a barrelpaper tigerparting shotpay on the nailpay through the nosepell mellpie in the skypo-facedpoint blankpull out all the stopsput the dampers onread the riot actreal mccoyred herring red letter dayred tape ring the changes run amok/amuckrun the gauntletsalad dayssalt of the earthsaved by the bellscot-free sea change sent to coventryships that pass in the nightshort shrift skid rowslough of despondslush fundsour grapess***k and spanspike someoneâs gunsspruced upsteal oneâs thunderstorm in a teacupsub rosa svengalisword of damoclestaken abacktalk turkeythrow in the towel to a t turn over a new leafup to scratch watershed wet oneâs whistlewhite elephant wild goose chasewin hands downwith a grain of saltwith flying colourswork cut outwritingâs on the wallwrong side of bedthe first 23 idioms are included for free.â about the author â professor potts is a dashing investigator who loves nothing more than jet-setting around the world exploring scientific mysteries. he lives in a secret location with his glamorous wife. his butler has a phd in nuclear science and his dog will only eat bones from the jurassic period.aidan potts -his alter ego- has a slightly more tedious biography. aidan was born in london 1963 and 6 months later he moved to nigeria, followed by bogota, dar es salaam, tanzania, tripoli, libya and the turks and caicos. he studied history of art at university college london, then began working as an illustrator for the british press. among his books are âuneversaurusâ and âthe smash smash truckâ.


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