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Flash Write - Notes + Lists + Reminders

Released: 2011-09-16
Price: 0
category: Productivity
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the easiest way to write quick notes and set reminders! review, edit, and organize dozens of notes on 1 screen!demonstration video: click on "flash write - notes + lists + reminders support >" link below (or search youtube for "supportjetware"). no keyboard typing or screen shuffling to get in the way. just use your finger to write a note and select a date/time to be reminded. view and organize dozens of notes on 1 screen! included features: -- short form great for quick notes-- long form great for lists-- reminder option for each note ________ green = reminder set for > 1 day from now ________ yellow = reminder set for ________ red = reminder time has passed -- black, blue, green, red multi-sized pens -- multi-sized eraser -- 8 page colors -- writing offsets to prevent finger from covering view -- scrollable note board for organizing / reviewing notes and reminders -- all notes automatically saved flash write does not have to be running to get reminders. your iphone/ipod/ipad will alert you at the selected time. all your notes in one place with you! --- free version limited to 5 notes--- upgrade to full version for unlimited notes*** update submitted to app store to improve upgrade purchase process ***


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