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Flight Sites

Released: 2013-03-27
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category: Travel
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want to find the gate number for your flight? wondering what to do in the city you are going to tonight? have quick links to 17 of the top u.s. airlines plus a lot more at your fingertips with flight sites.flight sites organizes highly used airline web pages for mobile travelers all in one place. you can quickly tap to check-in, find flight status, frequent flier info, or even book a flight directly with your airline. plus just a quick tap will call them for you. no more searching for numbers or links.with our city search you can find restaurants, events, attractions, weather and more for almost every destination across the u.s. we provide everything you would need to know ΓΆ€“ phone numbers, addresses, descriptions, hours, show times, and ticket purchasing info. all is updated continuously so it is the latest available. this application is a must-have for both the leisure and business traveler. try it on a trip and you will see for yourself.


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