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KitchenAid® - The Cookbook

Released: 2011-09-28
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category: Lifestyle
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with an ongoing desire to offer its customers the best possible service, kitchenaid is launching their cookbook kitchenaid® - the cookbook as a digital app.whether at home, at your friends' houses or even the supermarket, you will never be without kitchenaid® - the cookbook!the iphone, ipod and ipad application highlights the many features offered by the kitchenaid® artisan® stand mixer, thanks to its many standard and optional accessories. the application will provide you with illustrated user advice to make the best recipes, listed by different categories.very intuitive, the application will allow you to:⢠make shopping lists, incorporating your favorite recipes. the ingredients are displayed and you can even remove items you already have in your cupboards from the list.⢠select all the recipes for a category, a specific ingredient or even an accessory (e.g. "raspberry", the application will display all the recipes in the book involving the ingredient in question)⢠create bookmarks, listing your favorite recipes. this list is modifiable at any time.


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