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Kobo Books

Released: 2013-06-17
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category: Books
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with kobo, you can read on your ipad, iphone or ipod touch anywhere, anytime. visit kobo and browse more than 3.2 million free and affordable titles in the kobo store, including bestsellers, award winners, new releases, classics, and hidden gems. all your books sync right to the app.with koboâs reading app, youâre able to:⢠pick up right where you left off. we sync your bookmarks, notes, and highlights, so you can keep reading across all your devices.⢠customize your reading experience. enjoy crisp, clear text, in the size and style you prefer; try night mode for easier nighttime reading; and lock the screen in portrait or landscape mode to read how you like.⢠enjoy first chapter previews for thousands of select books. ⢠experience the rich, colorful environment of our magazines, cookbooks, childrenâs books, and comics. ⢠make your reading a social experience with reading lifeâ¢. earn fun and surprising awards, track how long it takes to read a book, and much more.⢠add books to your library from email, the web, or your dropbox account. you can even read books from your local public library.⢠share ideas with kobo pulseâ¢. find out who in the kobo community is reading what you are and discuss what you've read with them.⢠post your activities to facebook. see what your friends are reading and share quotes, notes, and book reviews with friends. like and comment on books your friends post to facebook.⢠read in english, french, spanish, italian, german, dutch, portuguese, brazilian portuguese, or japanese.


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