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LaBomba Summer Free - a very challenging tilt game

Released: 2011-09-16
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category: Games
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a very challenging tilt (multiplayer) game labomba summer edition follows wild sporting adventures of labomba. missing riding the ski slopes, labomba invented an awesome new action-packed sport similar to water skiing (sharks included) to help pass the summer. although labomba likes the summer, he cannot lie in the sun the whole day as he is a very active athlete. therefore he built several courses in a calm bay where he needs to overcome various obstacles as quickly as possible from start to finish, always trying to do his best. given that labomba has special powers, no jet ski or motor boat is needed, just pure gravity. enjoying his rapid speed, labomba must be very careful not to miss the gates or to hit a rock, because there are playfull sharks swimming around. please help labomba navigate through the course by utilizing the iphone/ipad/ipod accelerometer functionality and give labomba the chance to travel safely from start to finish. built in is a fun multiplayer mode that you can play by sharing your iphone/ipad/ipod with your friends. invite them over and start having fun with labomba̢۪s adventures. don̢۪t be bored, try living labomba style. limitations in the free version- only 4 build-in courses- disabled course editor (link to youtube video presentation) - the player can not design and save his own courses key features:- a very challenging tilt game- different levels of difficulty/speed- multiplayer mode - you can play the game and compete with your friends by sharing your ios device- multiplayer leaderboards, achievements how to play: - tilt your device left/right and back/forward to move labomba in the direction you want- you must pass through the gates (you must cross the invisible line between the flags) - you have to avoid obstacles on the course tip for beginners before starting, keep your iphone/ipad in horizontal position so labomba will not escape as tilt gives labomba acceleration, which is hard to handle for beginners. info if you experience any problems with the game or if you have any questions or comments, please contact us on


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