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Laughing Stock

Released: 2011-10-07
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category: Books
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"what happens when you finally have what you want?" ok, god is the number one: the reason, the word, the first domino that fell for everything to move. then, what about the zero? if god is like this, the zero doesn't have any reason. and lucio steiner has it against him, an insurance employee, 28 years old, cold and sour, who doesn't care about anything. until he a single day, lucio loses his pregnant girlfriend, his job and his mother reveals him she's dying of cancer. and the only consolation he knew in his life isn't what it always seemed to be. lucio is then forced to a sudden travel through a past full of ghosts, through worlds of casual death and illusory wonder, with friends and ex lovers in ruin, to know what happens when one finally has what one wants.mixing horror and fantasy resources from the classic vertigo, together with a tone and narrative proper of indie comic, the writer, federico fahsbender and the artist, pablo vigo do their debut in laughing stock (the first latinamerican comic developed for the app store) to interrogate about the banality of violence and the apparent principle of nonsense that guides life itself directly in the beautiful black thing branded apple that you carry in your pocket or backpack.english version of the original "hazmerreir". a miniseries of seven episodes by federico fahsbender and pablo vigo.


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