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LinguPingu FREE - English Chinese / æ±è¯­ è±è¯­ - children learn languages

Released: 2011-02-25
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category: Games
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language-learning app for preschoolersmake language come to life!this intuitive and colorful app for preschoolers is easy to understand through the combination of image and sound. educational studies have shown that children of a young age are highly receptive to language learning and articulative expression. with lingupingu, curious children encounter a playful approach to learning foreign languages.the features of the full version of lingupingu are:nine instead of two visual worlds and a total of ninety funny objects are made available to explore. when tapped, each object comes to life with hilarious animated movements and sounds revealing the spoken word for the object in the native tongue or chosen foreign language. a creative language-learning adventure! the nine different themes in the full version are: animals, transportation, food, body, farm, toys, nature, clothes, and apartment.the appealing illustrations and quality animation offered in this app were executed by a team of professional animation and design experts. even for adult travelers, tourists or anyone interested in languages, lingupingu is an amusing tool to get in touch with a foreign us to optimize our app. send us your suggestions and comments!


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