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Little fear

Released: 2011-11-04
Price: 0
category: Entertainment
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byook- little fear 30+ screens to experience the fear of a lifetime this byook stages an original short story with hints of stephen king and edgar allan poe. written by miguel vargas, it will plunge you into a world where children fight to survive while their parents are asleep. set between horror and phantasmagoria, your path will cross that of the most appalling of nightmaresâ€Â¦ --- a complete and original story --- a frightening direction --- a novel use of facebook --- a free application enabling you to discover byooks *** what’s a byook? it’s a new iphone/ipad reading experience. the successful union of books and movies. a byook stages fascinating stories by incorporating images, animations and sound effects. - all screens are enhanced, making immersion complete. - image and sound just suggest the atmosphere, your imagination does everything else. - casually turn the pages of the book and the story comes to life. *** byook - s.holmes (available on iphone and now on ipad) 230+ screens entirely staged this byook stages sir arthur conan doyle ‘s favorite short story. an incredible investigation by detective sherlock holmes. praised by critics and users, this byook has attracted more than 100 000 readers to this day, it has been graded 4, 5/5 and has reached 1st place of the top entertainment and book app worldwide. required platform: iphone 3gs, iphone 4, ipod 3 or ipod 4


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