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Mass SMS.Contacts(Group Manager-MyGroup Lite)

Released: 2011-01-06
Price: 0
category: Business
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mygroup provides the most useful features - group mail - group text (ios4.0 or later) - group management - keypad - call, mms/sms, email with mygroup! you will be able to: - manage your contacts more easily - create or organize your groups of contacts - send group text! without having to add contacts one by one - send group email! without having to add contacts one by one. choose the recipient level from "to","cc" and "bcc". - keypad! as you press keys, phone numbers are suggested ★ features: ✔ group management ✔ add/delete/rename groups ✔ add/delete/edit contacts ✔ sort groups by finger ✔ show company name of contacts ✔ contacts can belong to multiple groups ✔ texting to over 500 people at a time ✔ share contacts ✔ sync with iphone contacts★★ notes


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