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Media Exchange

Released: 2011-12-28
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category: Business
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media exchange is a private cloud solution designed for media industry content producers and distributors to easily and efficiently share large, file-based media assets with internal users and external partners. with media exchange,â€Â¢users can send and receive digital content without it support.â€Â¢new content can be delivered in an automated, unattended, direct-to-the-desktop fashion.â€Â¢mobile applications are supported for users on-the-move.â€Â¢the movement of content can be monitored, and secure delivery is guaranteed.â€Â¢collaboration is fast, reliable, and leverages the signiant acceleration protocol to maximize network efficiency.this mobile application allows the user to subscribe to their media exchange inbox and categories. users may then browse and download their content, or the application can be configured to automatically download newly arrived content. downloaded files may be viewed from within the application.


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