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Released: 2012-02-10
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category: Education
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mi-stories is a product of kencrest centers and debbie lord, ma, ccc, slp/l.kencrest centers is a private non profit organization supporting services for people with autism and other developmental disabilities in pa, delaware and connecticut.mi-stories are a series of videos designed to help individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities with behavior, language and social skills. they provide a consistent model that can be viewed repeatedly to facilitate appropriate social behavior.the app makes mi-stories videos available individually as well as by the series.use them to rehearse or prepare prior to an activity or on the way to an activity. use the them during and activity for support or as a reminder. use them during therapy or in the classroom to target a variety of goals/objectives such as; sequencing, non-verbal cues, conversation skills, etc. stop the video along the way to probe other statements or responses. a great tool used in a variety of ways!


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