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Musical Comic Free

Released: 2012-02-10
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category: Books
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1 hour of music videos and 240 pages of comic in an impressive history.include the first five chapters free ******************************* discovers a new form of storytelling discover a new way of listening to music app top 1 of ipad sales books ..... with a special introductory price the press says about us .... applesfera - ingenious media comic may serve to large companies in the world of comics (marvel, dc, etc ...) give us something more than just simple offering digital copies of their superheroes pdf of the paper. ipadou - 8.5 out of 10 "is a big surprise that opens a new path in the form of storytelling combining comics, animation and music in a subtle and cunning" fronterad - its creator, luis f. borruey, composer and writer, defines it as the first "comic musical", but many more things a new way to tell stories, sell songs, discover talents ... europapress - until now, digital comics existed, but as an adaptation of the traditional format, on the contrary, "the comic musical" is not an adaptation, but was born and presents the only way possible in digital format " el mundo - the iphone is the ideal device to read this comic ______________________________ do you think that digital age has ruined comics and music? check out the first musical comic: you can’t miss this unique experience for people from all ages in which more than 30 professionals have worked together to show you that a new way of storytelling is born! enjoy it in english or spanish or french versions and you’ll also get for free the 11 tune-soundtrack in mp3 to enjoy it wherever and whenever you want! get ready to live an unforgettable story through: 240 interactive pages 12 music videos and 11 original songs in which comic, animation and music get together brilliantly. a journalist, a report, a musician, a webpage, a computer technician, a little girl, a tale, love, tenderness, desire, lies, betrayal, jealousy, vengeance, songs that become stories and stories that become a magical and interactive application that creates a new concept of digital art: “the musical comic”. synopsis: “love does not exist”. with this statement written on an e-mail starts our story, in which eva, a journalist from the city, is entrusted with a new report she doesn’t like at all. she’ll have to stay at mrs. dora costa’s house, located in a distant village, to interview her about her romantic, successful and prize-winning webpage “”, but an unexpected surprise is going to change her life forever.


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