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Pastime Audiobook Player

Released: 2012-02-10
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category: Entertainment
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this app is meant to be an extremely simplistic audiobook player. it was written with the visually impaired in mind. many audiobook player apps have small buttons which are hard to see and difficult to press accurately, making it easy for you to lose your place (and difficult to find it again).with pastime, you simply pick a book to listen to from the easy-to-read list (which shows all audiobooks in your itunes library), tap the screen to play it (or pause it), and fast-forward or rewind with simple swiping motions. finding a specific place in the book is easy, and you can't accidentally skip to a place you didn't intend to.that's it! the font is intentionally large, the control is intentionally simple. to play/pause on the main screen, just tap anywhere.update: with version .91, the color scheme is improved to provide better visibility than the screenshots below show. install the app and see!


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