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Ringtone FX Free

Released: 2011-03-29
Price: 0
category: Music
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* demo video: *-------------------------------------ringtone fx allows you to create unlimited ringtones using your music library or sounds around you. never pay for a ringtone again!as a bonus you can digitally alter your songs or recordings with fun sound effects. make justin bieber sound like a chipmunk or lady gaga sound like darth vader with the pitch control. add a trippy echo to sound like jim morrison. then assign your custom ringtones to individual contacts or share them with friends.features:* create unlimited ringtones with songs in your library* record your own voice and make it a ringtone* digital effects include pitch control, echo (reverb), space (phaser), distortion, tremolo (vibrato), fade-in and fade-out* re-edit your ringtones* share ringtones with friendsvisit for videos, how to assign ringtones on your iphone, faq, and more.


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