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Released: 2013-02-05
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category: Utilities
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use the speedtest application to evaluate the speed of your 3g, edge and wi-fi networks.version historyversion 1.4- introduction of the new blu trumpet ad networkversion 1.3- brand new interface- new stats page showing number of tests run and maps of recent tests- added ability to reset test history- added ability to email tests- history page in your own timezoneversion 1.2- show maximum upload and download speeds- keeps track of the network used during test- bug fixesversion 1.1- storage of speedtest results, which will be used to provide statistics and favorites- improved accuracy of download and upload speed- worldwide servers used for localized testing- a project status pagenews:9-21-08due to the overwhelming demand, we have made significant investment in our infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted and accurate network speed measurements around the globe. specifically, we have implemented a global distribution network so that users will have consistent results anywhere in the world. for those not wishing to view ads on their apps, we have released a paid "pro" version of the application.


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