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Sweet Porridge - free audiobook for children - Imagination Stairs Radio

Released: 2011-12-17
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category: Entertainment
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** top unique idea for children in december 2011 **the story of sweet porridge in a 2-part free-to-download audiobook.if you want to give more place in your life to your imagination, then... just start listening instead of watching. listening instead of watching - a great way to start imagining again. have you ever wondered why radio is so popular with some people, although there are such alternatives like tv and internet? this can be explained by the simple fact that while listening you receive less "ready" information, but more hidden information - you hear sounds and your brain starts creating visual images. your imagination works at full speed. listening instead of watching is the great idea that stands behind imagination stairs radio!just think about how useful listening is for your child's imagination! the voice of the narrator that is telling the story, the background music that creates magical atmosphere, background noices that describe the events - it all will help your child to dive into the imaginative audio reality.this app will turn your iphone or ipad into a pleasant imitation of an old-style radio receiver. using this receiver you can download both parts of an audio story of the sweet porridge and listen to it in a cosy atmosphere, together with your child. inside the app you will find a link to a generously illustrated sweet porridge interactive fairytale app that could be a great way to compare what you imagined while listening to what was imagined by our painters.imagination stairs radio sweet porrdige app - a great way to restart your imagination.please download and have a lot of fun!


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