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Sydney Buses Stops Free

Released: 2011-08-05
Price: 0
category: Travel
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tl;dr version: quickly look up bus stop numbers and sms them to 0488txtbus from within the app.don't leave your girlfriend's place to catch the bus just to find out that it's running 20 minutes late. those 20 minutes could be better spent having fun times! well ladies and gentlemen, never again will you be at the mercy of timetables and late buses! 'stops' lets you quickly look up your bus stop number and fire off a text message to 0488 txt bus from within the app. you will probably receive a reply within the next few seconds telling you what's going down at the bus stop so you know when you gotta leave so you can make it home and have a fresh change of clothes for the next day. let the canoodling ensue! 'stops' will find your girlfriend's address and stalk... errr... i mean 'find' your nearest bus stalk-err... 'stop'. you can also search a postcode or suburb for all bus stops there, or even enter a route to show all bus stops along that route. this app only works on devices with sms capability (i.e. iphones), although it's possible to look up the bus stop number then manually send it through your phone.stops free is ad supported. consider upgrading to the full version of stops for an ad-less experience :d


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