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Tales by Korney Chukovsky

Released: 2011-11-24
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category: Books
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a multimedia e-books with the children's tales by korney chukovsky:* doctor aybolit ( テ数テ青セテ青コテ曹テ青セテ操 テ瑞テ青ケテ青アテ青セテ青サテ青クテ曹 )* barmaley ( テ髄テ青ーテ操テ青シテ青ーテ青サテ青オテ青ケ )* buzzy-wuzzy busy fly ( テ頗テ巣テ槽テ青ー-テ青ヲテ青セテ青コテ青セテ曹テ巣テ槽テ青ー )* moydodyr ( テ頗テ青セテ青ケテ青エテ青セテ青エテ窓テ操 )* the stolen sun ( テ椙テ操テ青ーテ青エテ青オテ青ステ青セテ青オ テ早テ青セテ青サテ青ステ漕テ青オ )* the crocodile tale ( テ椙テ操テ青セテ青コテ青セテ青エテ青クテ青サ )* the muddle ( テ澄テ巣テ曹テ青ーテ青ステ青クテ漕テ青ー )* the giant roach ( テ青「テ青ーテ操テ青ーテ青コテ青ーテ青ステ青クテ痩テ青オ )* the telephone ( テ青「テ青オテ青サテ青オテ槍テ青セテ青ス )* fedora woe ( テ青、テ青オテ青エテ青セテ操テ青クテ青ステ青セ テ青ウテ青セテ操テ青オ )korney ivanovich chukovsky (russian: テ椙テ青セテ操テ青ステ青オテ戟テ青ケ テ据テ青イテ青ーテ戟テ青ステ青セテ青イテ青クテ燥 テ青ァテ巣テ青コテ青セテ戟テ青イテ早テ青コテ青クテ青ケ, 31 march ns 1882 - 28 october 1969) was one of the most popular children's poets in the russian language. his poems, doctor aybolit (テ瑞テ青ケテ青アテ青セテ青サテ青クテ曹), the giant roach (テ青「テ青ーテ操テ青ーテ青コテ青ーテ青ステ青クテ痩テ青オ), the crocodile (テ椙テ操テ青セテ青コテ青セテ青エテ青クテ青サ), and wash'em'clean (テ頗テ青セテ青ケテ青エテ青セテ青エテ窓テ操) have been favourites with many generations of russophone children. he was also an influential literary critic and essayist.nikolay vasilyevich korneychukov was his original name (russian: テ雀テ青クテ青コテ青セテ青サテ青ーテ青ケ テ崇テ青ーテ早テ青クテ青サテ糟テ青オテ青イテ青クテ燥 テ椙テ青セテ操テ青ステ青オテ青ケテ燥テ巣テ青コテ青セテ青イ), which he reworked into his now familiar pen-name while working as a journalist at odessa news in 1901. he was born in st. petersburg, the illegitimate son of ekaterina osipovna korneychukova (a peasant girl from the poltava region of ukraine) and emmanuil solomonovich levinson, a man from a wealthy jewish family (his legitimate grandson was mathematician vladimir rokhlin). levinson's family did not permit his marriage to korneychukova and they eventually separated. korneychukova moved to odessa with nikolay and his sibling. levinson supported them financially for some time, until his marriage to another woman. nikolay studied at the odessa gymnasium, where one of his classmates was vladimir zeev jabotinsky. later, nikolay was expelled from the gymnasium for his "low origin" (a euphemism for illegitimacy). he had to get his secondary school and university diplomas by correspondence.he taught himself english and, in 1903-05, he served as the london correspondent at an odessa newspaper, although he spent most of his time at the british library instead of the press gallery in the parliament. back in russia, chukovsky started translating english works, notably walt whitman, and published several analyses of contemporary european authors, which brought him in touch with leading personalities of russian literature and secured the friendship of alexander blok. his influence on russian literary society of the 1890s is immortalized by satirical verses of sasha cherny, including korney belinsky (an allusion to the famous critic vissarion belinsky). later he published several notable literary titles including from chekhov to our days (1908), critique stories (1911) and faces and masks (1914). he also published a satirical magazine called signal (1905テ「1906) and was arrested for "insulting the ruling house," but was acquitted after six months of investigative incarceration.


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