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Tamizh Bible

Released: 2014-01-08
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category: Books
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as a praise to the lord, i am happy to bring this tamil bible application for ios devices. having felt that, there is no common version of tamil bible in the app store. this application has been planned & developed for a complete tamil version with catholic tamil version(used in earlier catholic church).the word of godthe word "bible" comes to us from the greek via the latin. the greek expression is 'ta biblia' meaning "the books". the bible may be described as the collection of writings which the church has recognized as inspired; this collection is also often called the holy scriptures, the sacred books and especially, the testament. bible is not a book of history, not a book of science but it is a book of faith. the main content of the bible is how god loved the people and how the people responded to gods love. in short bible is the history of the salvation of mankind.this tamil bible is composed of 4 parts, bundled with ecumenical & catholic versions both with the old testament and the new testament.the old testament : the old testamnet essentially describes how god loved the people of israel and how the people responded to his call to love. the old testament is the story of this people in the light of the testament : god made another and final covenant, sealed in the blood of christ. it tells about the messiah jesus (several times, from several viewpoints)how god loves us, and then paul's interpretation of jesus' life and mission and recommendations for how all people should live according to christ.great thanks to rev. fr. mariadoss lipton who pledged the content for this application.i believe, it will be a beautiful gift to all my friends using ipod touch, iphone, & future i would also like to add prayers devoted to sacred heart of jesus. i seek god' s blessings for continuing this service. kindly pray for us to attain success in accomplishing this service.warm greetingsp. alexander sesuraj. (p- philomin raj)


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