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Terra Noctis: Free Dreaming

Released: 2012-02-04
Price: 0
category: Games
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-an old-school platformer like never before on the appstore ΓΆ€“ awesome gameplayrelive the older school gaming days in this retro-inspired platformer reinvisioned for your mobile device! run, jump, and solve puzzles on your way to the goal! battle devious baddies and collect many goodies across 4 epic worlds! epic boss battles prove yourself in battle and take down the nightmare bosses who control each world. use your brains and your brawn to outwit and outfight them or perish trying! can you compete against the megaworm brothers who can sneak out of the ground at any moment or the juggernaut that can crush you with his massive fists?powerful upgrades and hatsgather magical fairies across your travels and use them to unlock powerful upgrades like the balloon to fly, the umbrella to slow down your fall, or the bombs to power up your thrown weapon. you can even purchase fabulous hats to show your amazing fashion sense to your foes before you pounce on their heads!brilliant art and musicdive into a world of wonder with a unique artstyle to match the unique gameplay experience. explore a vibrant yet mysterious world and listen to the subtle atmospheric music that pulls you in for a great experience.---------------------------------------icade support!


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