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Thai Going Out

Released: 2011-02-03
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category: Navigation
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thai going out is an application for user to look for going out places in thailand. the points of interest include: shopping, eating out, cinema, sport clubs, and convenience stores.thai going out à¸à¹à¸§à¸¢à¸à¸¸à¸à¸à¹à¸à¸«à¸²à¹à¸«à¸¥à¹à¸à¸à¹à¸­à¸à¸à¸´à¹à¸ รà¹à¸²à¸à¸­à¸²à¸«à¸²à¸£ à¹à¸£à¸à¸ à¸²à¸à¸¢à¸à¸à¸£à¹ สà¸à¸­à¸£à¹à¸à¸à¸¥à¸±à¸ à¹à¸¥à¸°à¸£à¹à¸²à¸à¸ªà¸°à¸à¸§à¸à¸à¸·à¹à¸­ à¸à¸µà¹à¹à¸«à¸¡à¸²à¸°à¸à¸±à¸à¹à¸¥à¸à¹à¸ªà¹à¸à¸¥à¹à¸à¸­à¸à¸à¸¸à¸ à¹à¸¥à¸°à¸à¸³à¹à¸«à¹à¸à¸µà¸§à¸´à¸à¸à¸­à¸à¸à¸¸à¸à¸à¹à¸²à¸¢à¸à¸¶à¹à¸features:1.user can browse the going out places from 5 major categories, and view the point of interest in map, listing, and reality mode. 2.user can search point of interest easily. 3.user can add point of interest to his/her favorites4.user can set distance coverage area.


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