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The Atavist

Released: 2011-01-31
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category: News
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the atavist offers a new kind of nonfiction storytelling and narrative journalism, with a series of original stories designed specifically for the ipad and iphone. more sustained than a magazine article but shorter than a book, each atavist story is original -- reported and written by skillful nonfiction authors. you'll find audio versions that allow you to alternate between reading and listening. stories also feature built-in soundtracks, video, maps, timelines, and a host of other innovative elements. download the atavist app for free, and then buy any story individually, inside the app. the stories available right now include: *piano demon: the untold story of how teddy weatherford, the fast-living genius once called "the world's greatest jazz piano player," barnstormed the globe in the shadow of a world war. *lifted: the robbers had a handpicked crew, a stolen helicopter, a cache of explosives, and a plan to rob a $150 million cash repository. the stockholm police had a tip off. the inside story of an audacious heist, and the race to solve new stories each can learn more about the atavist at:


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