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Released: 2011-09-16
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category: Social networking
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that's a rather snazzy outfit you're wearing, why not show it off to the world? wiwt (that's 'what i wore today' for those of you sleeping at the back) is a new social network that allows you to share photos of your outfits and discover new styles, trends and fash-un inspiration.strike a pose, take a photo, tag the photo with the brands you're wearing (and where you are, what you're up to and what kinda mood you're in) and then upload - all from your iphone. as well as uploading your own outfits each day, you can browse through the thousands of outfits that other people are wearing from around the world. you can follow the users whose style takes your fancy so you never have to miss their uploads. stumble across an outfit that's really, really nifty? you can give it a gold star to add it to your favourites folder. real people. real style. fall in love with the app? there's even more fab functionality on the website! so be sure to check out too.


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