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Whopping Planes LITE

Released: 2011-11-19
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category: Books
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Γ’˜…Γ’˜…Γ’˜… whopping 20 000 downloads within the first 2 months! Γ’˜…Γ’˜…Γ’˜…thank you! the small beta toddl..i mean beta tester group is very proud and sends greetings to you all!jumbo-sized jumbojets, convertible biplanes, head spinning choppers and mute blimps - and they're all whopping and awesome!whopping planes is a simple and kid friendly slideshow app / picture book with total of over 100 photos, videos and sounds. photos features many kinds of planes, jets, helicopters, cockpits and other aviation oriented stuff. photos are professional and vivid, designed to keep children's attention in the content and to see wonderful photos about wonderful machines.the app itself is very easy to use even for the smallest kids and there is a nice background music, which can be shut off too. app has a native support for retina display and ipad. all whopping icons are also easy to spot so toddlers can easily start the apps by themselves, and the picture show begins itunes for other whopping apps for kids. you can also join whopping apps on facebook for latest news and extra content: for kids, tested by kids, enjoyed by kids Γ’€“ and parents!details:Γ’˜… 100 photos with sound effects in some of themΓ’˜… 3 videos featuring: landing a380 (hd), on-wing-camera with yak-55 aerobatic plane (hd and 1 minute lenght) and a heli-ski chopper takeoff followed by a steep dive!Γ’˜… full version with lots of extra content will be released in the near future.Γ’˜… keep the 5 star rewievs coming and you keep more whopping apps coming!Γ’˜… works also with ipod touch 3rd gens - however some issues with 8gb model, but that is not a real 3rd gen ipod touch, says the streetwise people. comments and feedback are welcome.


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