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guitarism lite - free guitar to go

Released: 2011-08-26
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category: Music
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guitarism lite: the first free virtual guitar app built for live performanceâââââ "i can't play a real guitar, but i can play this and it sounds great!"â¨âââââ "love the natural feel - you really forget you're on a phone!!"â¨âââââ "i especially like how the sound changes when you tilt the phone"---â¨â¨guitarism and guitarism lite are guitar apps for those who love the physical, visceral experience of performing in front of a live audience. if you've been repeatedly disappointed by other guitar apps that aren't built for live performance, this is the app for you. try out guitarism lite for free, and if you like it buy the full version of guitarism for access to additional features (listed below).guitarism and guitarism lite are designed on 3 principles that enable performers to look good, sound great and uniquely express themselves: 1) performers look good: guitarism is playable without the need to constantly look at the screen. guitarists look at their audience not their guitars, but with other guitar apps, the performer is cautiously pressing tiny buttons on the screen. not with guitarism - the ui is designed to let you look around while you play 2) performers sound great: great enough to perform on stage. other guitar apps have audible cracks and pops, or just sound dull to begin with. guitarism gets the basics of sound design right so you can confidently plug it into an amp and crank up the volume. vocalists can sing along with guitarism without feeling compromised 3) performers express themselves: guitarism gives the performer complete control over the primary aspects of expressiveness for rhythm acoustic guitar: timing, velocity, volume and chord variations. performances never sound synthetic or robotic - no two strums are the same and each performance sounds unique. and with chord variations, performers can insert their own alterations and enhancements in the moment just by tilting the phone, which no other guitar app can do today--- â¨features of guitarism lite:â¨â¨- natural guitar strumming interface and realistic acoustic guitar soundsâ¨â¨- easily add expressive variations on your chords by tilting your phone⨠additional features in the full (paid) version of guitarism:- change the key of your guitar (choose from 12 major keys and 12 minor keys)â¨â¨- select from hundreds of chords to play, and audition them live â¨- shift the pitch of the guitar up or down to make it easier to sing along â¨â¨- play along with music from your iphone or ipod touch library, and save chord layouts per song⨠â¨--- â¨â¨get guitarism and start rocking out today!


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