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iAutoText Keyboard SE

Released: 2012-01-21
Price: 0
category: Social networking
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type 180 words per minute and have fun with lot of cute icons, text arts and even cool text styles in your message. no more boring status update in facebook & twitter! give your friends surprise on your super fast speed on replying their sms,email,whatsapp,tweet, etc.ⓘⒶⓤⓣⓞⓣⓔⓧⓣ ⓘâ“¢ ⒸⓞⓞⓛʃooƆ sı ʇxǝʇoʇu∀ı↖☁☎☝â˜ÂºÃ¢™ˆÃ¢™‰Ã¢™‹Ã¢™ŽÃ¢™ŽÃ¢™Ã¢™Ã¢™‘♒♓â™Â¥Ã¢™Â¦Ã¢™Â¨Ã¢œ‚✌âœÂ³Ã¢œÂ´Ã¢Â¤Ã¢žÂ¡Ã¢—€Ã¢–¶â™—☂☃☄★☆☉☋☑☓☛☜â˜Â Ã¢˜Â¢Ã¢˜Â¯Ã¢˜Â¸Ã¢˜Â¹Ã¢˜Â½Ã¢™”♗♘â™Â Ã¢™Â«Ã¢™Â¬Ã¢™Â­Ã¢žÂ®Ã¢„❅âœÂ®Ã¢œ‰Ã¢œÃ¢œ‘✒✄✃✆✇✎✏✔ (◑â€Â¿Ã¢—) (◕â€Â¿-) ✖â€Â¿Ã¢œ– (-’_’-)(¯`*â€Â¢.¸â™Â«Ã¢€‚â™Â«Ã¢€‚b░e░a░u░t░i░f░u░l â™Â«Ã¢€‚.â€Â¢*´¯) â€Â¦Ã¢€Â¦(\__/)â€Â¦Ã¢€Â¦(=’.’=) â€Â¦Ã¢˜†(”)_(”)☆░░░░░░░░܃–„░░░░░░░█â–‘░█â–‘░░░░░░█â–‘░█â–‘░░░░░█â–‘░░█â–‘░░░░█â–‘░░░█ۃ–ˆÃ¢–ˆÃ¢–„▄█â–‘░░░░█ۃ–ˆÃ¢–ˆÃ¢–„▓▓█â–‘░░░░░░░░░░░█â–“▓█â–‘░░░░░░░░░░░█â–“▓█â–‘░░░░░░░░░░░█â–“▓█â–‘░░░░░░░░░░░█â–“▓█â–‘░░░░░░░░░░░█â–“▓█ۃ–ˆÃ¢–ˆÃ¢–ˆÃ¢–‘░░░░░░█ۃ–ˆÃ¢–€Ã¢–‘░░░▀߃–ˆÃ¢–ˆÃ¢–ˆÃ¢–ˆÃ¢–€: .ılı.——volume——.ılı.: ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ ▄ █ ▄ █ ▄ █: min- – – – – – – – – – -●max  (¯`*â€Â¢.¸iautotext, smart way to input text & symbols .â€Â¢*´¯)  iautotext keyboard is designed to cater all your needs when composing text messages. it offers a centralized place to compose, store, search, reuse and manage text messages. existing features include:âžÂ­ enable 460+ emoji icons for ios â˜Âº.âžÂ­ single customizable library of text clips, text arts, symbols. âžÂ­ 1000+ icons and pre-defined shortcuts. âžÂ­ autocomplete from your frequently typed words. âžÂ­ autotext using your assigned shortcut and expanded into long text snippet.âžÂ­ text2emoji to input emoji/unicode icons by shortcut key âžÂ­ unicode symbols and keyboard âžÂ­ cool textstyles and lot of text art for your cool status update âžÂ­ type and walk, typing in a transparent viewport and help you avoid obstacles when walking.âžÂ­ send composed text to sms, email, twitter, facebook, tumblr directly.too much features! but we still put all of them in a single app because we think all are important for composing text the demo video in features:✔autotexttype faster using abbreviation shortcut which converted into long text snippet.â€Â¨Ã¢€Â¨you can create a library of abbreviation shortcuts for text clips that you use frequently, such as addresses, standard replies, chat shorthands, text arts and symbols. type the shortcut and tap autotext, it will automatically expands to the full text clip or the symbols. ✔ autocompletethe app will autolearn what you have typed. next time, it will suggest your commonly used words while you type.✔text2emojifrequently used icons can be input directly with text2emoji.e.g. type :) and it will automatically convert to a smiley icon.✔cool textstyles10 cool textstyles for you to use in social networking.ⓘⒶⓤⓣⓞⓣⓔⓧⓣ ⓘâ“¢ ⒸⓞⓞⓛʃooƆ sı ʇxǝʇoʇu∀ıιΔʋтσтɛϰт ιƨ Ɔσσℓiautotext is coolï̤ä̤ṳ̈ẗ̤ö̤ẗ̤ë̤ẍ̤ẗ̤ ï̤s̤̈ c̤̈ö̤ö̤l̤̈i̲̅a̲̅u̲̅t̲̅o̲̅t̲̅e̲̅x̲̅t̲̅ i̲̅s̲̅ c̲̅o̲̅o̲̅l̲̅i̸a̸u̸t̸o̸t̸e̸x̸t̸ i̸s̸ c̸o̸o̸l̸įąÅ³Å£Ç«Å£Ä™Ã’³Å£ įş çǫǫɭÌÁúťÅ‘ťÈxÅ¥ Ìś ČőőlιΔυτɸτεϰτ ισ Сɸɸλ✔great emoji, unicode symbols and text artsâ‚©â†Â©Ã¢†Â±Ã¢™—☂☃☄★☆☉☋☌☑☓☚☛☜☞☟â˜Â Ã¢˜Â¢Ã¢˜Â£Ã¢˜Â¯Ã¢˜Â¸Ã¢˜Â¹Ã¢˜Â»Ã¢˜Â½Ã¢˜Â¿Ã¢™€Ã¢™Ã¢™‚♔♕â™–♗♘♙♛♜♝♞â™Â Ã¢™Â¡Ã¢™Â¢Ã¢™Â¤Ã¢™Â©Ã¢™ÂªÃ¢™Â«Ã¢™Â¬Ã¢™Â­Ã¢™Â§Ã¢žÂ®Ã¢žÂ±Ã¢žÂ²Ã¢žÂ­Ã¢Â¥Ã¢Â¦Ã¢Â£Ã¢Ã¢…âœÂ»Ã¢œÂ©Ã¢œÂ¡Ã¢œÂ Ã¢œŸÃ¢œÃ¢œÃ¢œ‰Ã¢œÃ¢œ‘✒✄✃✆✇✎✏✔©®¾


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