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weTEACH Kids to Read Free

Released: 2012-09-18
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category: Education
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*** touch any word to hear it pronounced. ****** available for ipad, iphone and ipod touch ****** featured in âlearning magazineâ. ****** story contains dolch list words. ***âthe child has total control of which words they need pronounced and it lets them feel as if they are playing a game, not just reading a book.â~kim johnson, elementary reading teacherâthis is a program i can use for all learning levels ... struggling or advanced ... great idea!â~leslie redmon, 1st grade teacherwhat a joy it will be to see your kids reading with help from reading racehorse's app, âweteach kids to readâ. your child will enjoy the exciting and brightly illustrated story of âfrank the friendly pirateâ, with more stories being made available in 2012.the defining function of the app is when a word in the story is touched, the pronunciation of that word is heard through the speaker on the device. there are other apps that continuously read stories in their entirety, but we have taken this a crucial step further. our app allows the child to read the words they already know. then when they come to a word that gives them difficulty, he or she can touch that particular word to hear what it is. the reason this works is the natural tendency to take the easiest path. they will simply read the words they already know and only use the touch function on the ones they don't. eventually the child will be able to read the entire story without touching any words.phonics has been a popular method for reading programs in the past decades. phonics is defined as teaching reading by training beginners to associate letters or letter patterns with their sound values. using our app is a very natural way to learn phonics because the child makes visual contact with the word just before he or she touches it. when the word is pronounced, they will automatically associate the sound with the letter combinations. what a fun and engaging way to learn!with the convenience of this mobile app, kids read in the car, kids read in the classroom, kids read in their beds, kids read while mom is running errands and the list goes on and on. and the best part is the interaction the child has in an actual story. he or she will learn to read a book âwhileâ reading a book! so when considering reading strategies for your child or students, include the mobile app from reading racehorse, âweteach kids to readâ.


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